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(commenting as I’m watching)

The problem with this video is that she’s talking about her relationship and not wanting to “still be friends” with her BOYFRIEND where as these guys who bitch about being in the friendzones are guys who have NOT been in the relationship with the girl.

And yeah, it’s openly hostile and contemptuous when these guys will not leave you alone when you tell them straight up that you do not want to talk to them, you do not want to see, that you don’t even like them. I can’t be sympathetic or “compassionate” towards someone who does that.

As for the story with Scott, yeah, that girl was a massive bitch. But whether or not her boyfriend is an asshole is none of his business and jumping through hoops and doing backflips to persuade her that the man she’s with isn’t as good as he was is something of a dick move on his part. I know I wouldn’t appreciate it if someone was well aware that I had a boyfriend, didn’t like him, and tried to seduce me away from him.

"When you feel entitled to things, you don’t jump through hoops," <—- Actually what happens is, they jump through hoops and then feel entitled. You know, because they DID SO MUCH FOR YOU!!! I don’t know if this lady is delusional or not but it doesn’t sound like she knows what she’s talking about.

She certainly doesn’t know the girls who complain about Nice Guys too much. I doubt they ever cry when they’re bitching about them. They’re usually fed up with their bullshit and are quite angry about him.

Nice guys are spiders. Finally a part we can agree with.

Uh, I would never keep that guy around for being “useful.” What does that mean, anyways? I mean, in the same respect, if this guy is doing all this shit for you and you’re NOT asking him to do it, but he KEEPS doing it, it’s kind of awkward to ask him to just stop. Because as soon as you do that, there’s drama and conflict. That’s probably a reason why women tend to leave hints and beat around the bush and “let them down easy” when they want them to stop doing whatever it is they’re doing. Apparently if they refuse to go away, we’re just “keeping them around.” And apparently this lady thinks that if we “keep them around,” that we are evil bitches, but if we flat out tell them to go away, leave us alone, or stop, then we have no compassion.

And you know, that whole part about how Feminists believe that men should have emotions and feelings and what not and not be chastised for it is bullshit too on the grounds that Nice Guys often take it to the EXTREME measures. There’s nice and sensitive and then there’s not having a goddamned grip. And being that emotionally unstable is not attractive and therefore not something I’m going to be “compassionate” about.

He ISN’T really nice. And I’m taking issue with the fact that she’s relating these guys to movie characters. Seriously, chances are if those characters existed in reality it’d be creepy AS HELL and they’d probably take it to an extremity. There’s a reason why feminists aren’t flaunting over Edward Cullen. According to this chick we must really be mean for wanting to keep our distance from this creepy perv.

"If he was nice, she’d WANT to fuck him." <— Yeah, no. Not how it works. There’s a lot more than "being nice" that goes into whether or not I’m going to sleep with someone. Sorry.


Jeez, when this lady gets it right, she gets it right but when she gets it wrong, holy hell, she gets it wrong.


Here, a tribute to a Molly Ringwald 80’s movie of my own.